Mount Ai-Petry

Mount Ai-Petry There is a mount name Mount Ai-Petry that located in Crimea. It is a peak of Crimean Mountains. Mount Ai-Petry has a greek origin that if translated become St Peter. Mount Ai-Petry become the windiest places that people can find in Crimea and the wind can blow for 125 days a year. There is a cable car that can take all the passegers to the main area in Mount Ai-Petry. People can visit and enjoy the view of Mount Ai-Petry using this cable car. Mount Ai-Petry become the most famous mountain in among Crimean Mountaints. This mountain have a picturesque peaks which fence off Yalta from outer the world. This picturesque become the symbol of the entire Crimean Peninsula. Mount Ai-Petry become a legendary attractive place for tourist to visit because of its peaks. People who visit this place are able to see an amazing view that provide by the mother nature. Many people put a lot of effort to climb the mountain just to see the view from this mountain. There is a bridge in Mount Ai-Petry that can make people who pass this bridge get a lot of adrenaline. People should have a lot of brave to at least stand on this bridge because the height of this bridge is reach 1234 meters above the sea level. Usually traveller and photographer will make a chalenge to pass this bridge and get the most beautiful pictures in this bridge. People able to see the beautiful sunset from this bridge. And people usually will memorize the moment by taking a lot of pictures. People need to becareful when they are about to take a picture since they can fall from the bridge if they don’t becareful. Fall from the bridge is a high risk that people need to concider.

Berehove Ukraine

Berehove Ukraine Berehove Ukraine is one of the district that located in westernmost corner of Ukraine there are a lot of things that people can do in this district. This district have a lot of places that can be visit by local people or by tourist who visit this place. Many cafe and restaurant can be found in this district. People can enjoy their coffee in one out of many cafe that available in this city. People can also taste the ukrainian food that can’t be find in another country. With these restaurant, people will be able to satisfy their appetite. People can also taste a unique taste from the food that provide in each restaurant. A unique hotels can also be find here. All tourist who come and visit this place are able to stay at several hotels that provide in this city. This city have a unique design hotels that can make people feel comfortable every time they stay in this hotel. People will be able to release their energy that already waste after leisuring around the city. Many places that people should see when they visit Berehove Ukraine. People will get a lot of experience that the can’t get in another places. These places will give a different stories for people who visit Berehove Ukraine. These places also able to tell a lot of historical thing that build the city. Through its museum and its architectural, people will be able to learn a lot about Berehove Ukraine history that they can’t find in historical books. Taking a picture in this city will become a great choice that people should try before leaving this place. People doesn’t need to be worry if they can’t find a transportation since this city provide a public transportation that people can use to travel around the city.

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